Working on a Hat

I haven't knit a cable pattern for so long that I really needed something easy for me.


When do you Frog?

This past week, I made lots of I-cords so I could finish my set of 12 travel napkin/silverware holder-thingies.  Now that I'm done with the I-cords, I need to sew them on and then they will be done!  I'll post some pics soon.       Then I started a cowl with some left over... Continue Reading →

Knitting Update

Posting on what I was knitting last week was so much fun, I decided to do it again. This has been a week of knitting travel-napkins/serviettes. I am procrastinating writing up the pattern because it's really challenging to describe how to move from knitting the background of the napkin to using double knitting to add... Continue Reading →

Just Knittin’

A few weeks ago, I spent many hours on Stitchfiddle designing and then knitting up a double knitting "swatch" that will be part of a cowl. My first draft was orange and grey, though the grey looks a little tan in the pictures. I am happy with the piece overall.  I felt like the larger... Continue Reading →

Fashion Show

Whenever trying on clothes with my mom or a friend, we'd call it a fashion show. It's fun showing off new things once in a while. Today I asked a friend to come over to take some pictures for my Ravelry Project Page and for a cowl pattern I'm going to be publishing super-soon. It... Continue Reading →

Interpreting Feedback

I love requesting feedback. What better way to see how your work is received than by asking straight out? More often than not, though, if I'm not real specific with my questions or sometimes even when I am, I get feedback that, for me, is difficult to act upon.  I typically have to journal about... Continue Reading →

Creativity = Putting Things Together

I used to think that creativity meant starting with nothing and making it into something, like having a blank canvas and creating a beautiful painting or starting with nothing but a blob of clay and sculpting it into a masterpiece. I know now that artists don't start with nothing; even if they are just starting... Continue Reading →

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