April Snows Call for Bear Ponchos


I’ve been so good about putting the poncho-of-the-month on my bear ahead of the new month. Not this time though. The April poncho was a bit delayed. It’s here though!

April Poncho
Sweet colors for a cold month

It has been cold and has snowed twice so far this spring. Good thing my bear has a poncho to keep him warm!

For this poncho, my mom used a variegated yarn perfect for spring and a picot-type lavender border. Very sweet.

Things are getting greener in central Illinois. Some daffodils are up as well. I have seen yellow crocuses but no purples yet. I hope to see some before the early spring is over.

If you are outside of central Illinois, how has spring been treating you? Have you bundled up in any hand knits? Let me know in the comments below. 

April Poncho



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