Happy 2 Year Blogiversary!

When I first started this blog, Bunny Totem Knits, in February of 2016, I wasn’t sure what I wanted my focus to be. I knew I wanted to write about knitting, but I also wanted to write about other topics connected with finances, teaching, and other life issues.

I played around with the theme of “Knitting a life” or “Knitting a spiritual, creative, etc. life” so I could tie every topic I wanted to discuss into one blog.

Where I Started:
Looking back, I see that my first post was about some writing I did with my students, the second was about friendship, the third about a trip I took and then finally, the fourth is connected with knitting. It’s about my knitting business.

The first blog post that really focuses on actually knitting came out in July of 2016, 5 months after I started the blog! This surprises me because I feel like that’s the focus of the blog now.

I must have given up discussing personal finance much at all on this blog. The only posts about money are also about my knitting business.

I was getting so into finance at the time that I created a second blog. I wanted to write about how much I earned, how much I put aside for retirement, and other personal money details that I wasn’t comfortable sharing with everyone I knew, so I decided to be anonymous. I have friends and acquaintances who know my Bunny Totem Knits business name and thus can connect it to me, which is another reason I didn’t want to share some of that info on this blog.


Where I’ve Been:
Since my Adventures in Advertising post in September of 2016, every post is connected to knitting in some way. I think I found my focus! In only 7 months. I often tell my students that if they just start writing, they’ll find out what they want to write about. I followed my own advice, and I think it’s working.

Since then I’ve shared basic updates about what I’m knitting each week, or how I go about doing different knitting tasks such as Keeping Track of Charted Rows, which is my most viewed post to date,  and a few on creating patterns and my business.

Where I’m Going:
Most recently, since the January 1 of 2018, I’ve written and published 6 posts, which is about one a week, right? My goal is to simply share what I’m working on each week, so I can be more consistent in sharing with y’all.

Oh another development is that I’ve come to enjoy calling myself Bunny. It’s my knitting alter ego.



Now that I’ve reflected over the past 2 years, I’d like to know your thoughts. What do you want to see more of? What doesn’t interest you as much? How has your blog evolved over time? Share your thoughts in the comments! 


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