Non-Exciting Projects

One project I’m working on this week is a towel topper. (The second project I am working on is a secret. I’ll share next week though!)

I can’t say it’s too exciting to knit towel toppers IMHO, but a friend of mine uses them all the time. She doesn’t knit and she’s so generous to me and my family so I like to keep her stocked up in towels that attach to her refrigerator door.

Some towel topper patterns suggest you cut the towel in half, but the first pattern I used to knit the towel topper for my friend used a whole towel, and that’s how she likes them, so that’s what she gets.

To make sure that I cast on at the center line of the towel, I pinned the halves together, hence the safety pins.

I love the true blue and bright red colors. I hope to stay motivated to finish the towel by next week because when I am not excited about knitting something, I typically slack on it.

How about you? Do you make things that aren’t exciting to make? What are those projects and why do you choose to make them? 

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