Frogging Again

I started what I named my dripping paint scarf a few years ago. I used double-knitting to create a pattern that I thought looked like paint dripping down a wall. It was turning out pretty well. This pic shows an aqua “paint” dripping on a grey surface.


“If it was going so well, what was the problem?” you might ask. Well it was taking forever and it was only about half done. I put it down maybe 2 years ago and never picked it up again. Below is the entirety of what I knit.



Since it was double-knit, one side had grey “paint” drips and the other aqua. You may also ask why I’m talking about the scarf in the past tense…


Well, I frogged it.

I wanted to use the yarn for a second hat using the Irish Hiking Hat pattern  I’m enjoying so much. I finished my husband’s grey hat.

Grey Irish Hiking Hat

And I’m working on an aqua one, which may be going to my step-daughter. I haven’t decided yet, because I’m not sure if she’ll love the color.



I guess I’ll think about it as I finish knitting it.

Thanks for reading!






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