A few Christmases ago, I received the bear in the picture with a crocheted poncho from my mom.

January Poncho of The Month

Little did I know that it would be a gift that kept giving. That January, I received the creamy-white poncho trimmed with gold and white shown above. In February, I received a red crocheted poncho for my bear, and in March a green.

After receiving a few ponchos, my mom asked, “Do you see what is happening here?” I was a little dense saying, “I don’t know what you mean.”

My mother then informed me that I was in the poncho-of-the-month club. I would receive a hand-crocheted poncho for my bear for each month of the year. Furthermore, I was the only person in my mom’s poncho-of-the-month club which makes me feel incredibly special and loved.

Over that year, I have received all 12 ponchos and one or two for special days such as my wedding anniversary.

I can’t say I’m great at changing my bear’s poncho each month. I’ve committed to it this year, though, to show all of you.

If you ever have the inclination to “enroll” a friend in a gift-of-the-month club, especially if you are the one making the gift, I highly recommend it!




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