After the Frog

Last week I frogged a few rows from my latest cowl (using Caron Simply Soft berry blue and bone) because I had gone onto the solid bone-colored section and saw I wanted the stripe where I use one strand of berry blue and one strand of bone to be thicker. (The thinner stripe looked out of place to me).

This week, I finished up the transition rows (one strand of berry blue and one strand of bone) and started on the bone-color only section. I think it’s turning out nicely.  It’s getting pretty long, and with about 18 rows of the bone color, it’s going to be very long.  I think I’ll like it though.

berry bone lg transition black bround

I’ve also chosen the yarn to make some twisted knit stitch coasters for a friend who is moving into a new house soon.  I like how these are turning out too.

closer sonoma coasters

I haven’t decided it I’ll knit 6 coasters or 8.  How many do you think go into a “set” of coasters?

Finally, I’m working on a little basket for the coasters, and the basket I currently have on the needles is a bit too small to allow the coasters to lay flat.  I’m going to finish it, though. I’m sure I’ll find another use for it. I’ll take pics of that for next week so stay tuned.

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