When do you Frog?

This past week, I made lots of I-cords so I could finish my set of 12 travel napkin/silverware holder-thingies.  Now that I’m done with the I-cords, I need to sew them on and then they will be done!  I’ll post some pics soon.

orange yellow icord circle




Then I started a cowl with some left over Caron Simply Soft I used for a baby blanket.

I’m surprised by how much I love the colors together, but I do.

berry blue and bone cowl

I’m using my 2-stranded cowl pattern only this time I didn’t start with a border of garter at the bottom. Rather I went right into the pattern rows, and I like how it turned out. This is the end of the good news.

Now, I am not great at eyeballing how far the yarn will get me on a pattern, and I ran out of the Berry Blue after about 8 rows of the section where I use 1 strand of each color. As you can see, I changed to 2 strands of the second color (Bone) and kept knitting.

I went back and forth about whether I wanted the 1 strand of each color section to be longer, as the pattern calls for and I’ve decided: I’m going to be frogging.

I bought an additional skein of Berry Blue at Michael’s and while I was at it, I wanted to make sure I had enough Bone, so I went to Joanne Fabrics.

berry blue bone cowl on black

Since this is a simple pattern and it’ll be relatively easy to make the change, I don’t mind ripping out a few rows.

What about you? What are your criteria for frogging? Do you choose not to frog if you only have 1 mistake? Does it depend on the difficulty of the pattern? Let’s discuss below.

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