April Knitting?

I could blame my lack of knitting these past few weeks on the gorgeous spring weather in central Illinois, and the nice weather is part of it.  However, equally guilty is Cookie Jam.

I never could have predicted that I’d get hooked on a match-three game similar to Candy Crush.  I am though.  I was messing around on my new phone which had Cookie Jam loaded onto it. I gave it a try. The first 50 or so levels were pretty easy, and I got hooked. As of today, I am on level 359 and promise to provide you with updates in the future.

Hiking out in the spring weather is much more picturesque:

My first hike of the year was at Moraine View State Park on April 1. I start hiking early because I don’t want to miss the bluebells. Here is a “pre-bluebell” picture in the woods.

prebluebell april 1st

Since I saw some bluebell plants and very tiny blooms on the first hike, I wanted to see the progress the following week. Here’s a picture from the second hike at Moraine View (on April 8):

prebluebell april 1

While on the April 8th hike, I predicted the bluebells would be in full bloom by the following week, and they were. Here are some pics from April 14th–height of bluebells at Moraine View:

bluebells april 8

Pink bluebells:

pink bluebells


I had seen the bluebells in full bloom on Friday the 14th, but a friend wanted to hike on the 16th, so I went along. I am so glad I did.  This time we went to Merwin Nature Preserve. Here’s a picture at Merwin Nature Preserve (April 16th):


What do you think?  Good enough excuse not to get much knitting done? If you’re not knitting, what are you most likely up to? Share in the comments.



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