Knitting Update

Posting on what I was knitting last week was so much fun, I decided to do it again.

This has been a week of knitting travel-napkins/serviettes. I am procrastinating writing up the pattern because it’s really challenging to describe how to move from knitting the background of the napkin to using double knitting to add the silverware pouch. I know I can do it when I have time and energy to concentrate. So far, though, I’ve just had time and energy to knit.

pile with one in progress

I had 2 knit up last week, so this week I’ve knit up 4 more (one still needs an I-cord and to have ends woven in) and am working on the green and orange one on the top of the pile in the picture above.

Pretty simple update, eh?

Unfortunately, what is going on in my head is a lot messier.

Thoughts about knitting from the last 24 hours: “When am I going to write up the travel-napkin pattern . . . should I download all my patterns to print them, compare them and make they all uniform . . . should I hire someone to create a template design for my patterns . . . Nah-don’t want to spend the money, and don’t know what I want . . . I need to clean my craft room . . . I want to get the camera working so I can practice recording YouTube videos . . . What can I make that my mom would like . . .  should I sell the finished travel serviettes online . . . I could sell a bunch for $50 . . . why isn’t the camera working . . .” and just to come full circle, “When am I going to write up thenapkin pattern?”

I guess that’s just the way of it. Are your thoughts about creating (or working) messier than you’d like?  What do you do to calm your “monkey-brain?”



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