Just Knittin’

A few weeks ago, I spent many hours on Stitchfiddle designing and then knitting up a double knitting “swatch” that will be part of a cowl. My first draft was orange and grey, though the grey looks a little tan in the pictures.

I am happy with the piece overall.  I felt like the larger leaf was too big and the dot to the left of the leaf in the left hand picture (grey background, orange leaf) was a bit far from the leaf, so I decided to revise.

My next draft was green and grey. The dot below the larger leaf is closer to the leaf and both leaves on the green and grey swatch are a little smaller.

Again, I was happy with the piece overall but something started bugging me and I wasn’t sure what it was, so I posted the dilemma on a Ravelry forum. I received two great pieces of feedback: 1) if I don’t like how the design looks now, I won’t like it later no matter how many times I knit it up and 2) the swirly design on the right hand side of the picture on the left (grey background, green leaf) is a bit “thin” compared to the thickness of the leaves.

Along with those comments, I also made a few more changes in Stitchfiddle. I haven’t knit up the next draft though. Instead, I promptly started another project.

I’d had this idea for a silverware holder/travel napkin for a loooooong time. I knit a few up a while ago, but just recently, I’ve decided to knit some more up so I can write up the pattern.

I like to knit these with as little sewing as possible, so I’m been using double knitting.  Explaining how to get into and out of the double knitting portions has been a real challenge. I’m still working on it as I keep knitting.

And there you have it . . . my projects for the week.


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