Fashion Show

Whenever trying on clothes with my mom or a friend, we’d call it a fashion show. It’s fun showing off new things once in a while.

Today I asked a friend to come over to take some pictures for my Ravelry Project Page and for a cowl pattern I’m going to be publishing super-soon.

It felt like a “fashion show.” Her are the results:

Here’s my “Flip flop cowl” named as such because you can have the darker half on top or on the bottom. Dark side up:


and flip flopped to lighter side up:

Next, the same 2 strand cowl pattern, only using 1 solid teal and 1 variegated teal, purple, lavender:


Onto a different color palette (same pattern, smaller needles for a tighter knit/ stiffer fabric):


A stripey hat using some yarn from my knitting group:


and last but not least, a shawl for my friend Deb:



I’m the only one in the fashion show today. Hopefully next time I can get the photographer to model as well!  ~Julie

PS. Which of the 3 cowls do you like most? (A. Flip-flopped, B. solid & variegated, or C. greys and red)



3 thoughts on “Fashion Show

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  1. I like them all, but if pressed my order would be C, just because I love grey, then A a close second. I think the ‘flip’ is a great idea so you can choose a dark or lighter shade, depending on your mood, clothes or just whatever suits you best.

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