2016 Knitting Sales

As many of you know, I sell knitting patterns and projects. I am excited to see how the numbers came out and hope this assessment is interesting to you too. The first question I wanted to answer is: how much did I make?

  • In 2016, I sold 126 patterns, 42 washcloths, 6 scrubbies and 2 towels.  My gross is 365.10.
  • PayPal fees, Etsy fees, yarn, advertising, and shipping comes up to: 173.38.
  • This makes my net profit: 191.72.

My response? When I see the gross, I think “that is awesome.”  The expenses were more than I was expecting–just about half of my gross–so the profit is less than I had expected.


My next question: how do the online shops stack up against each other?


It is no surprise to me that I sold the most patterns on Ravelry (62), but I didn’t realize Ravelry held was about half of the overall pattern sales. Next comes Craftsy at 27, LoveKnitting at 24 and Etsy at 13. Selling so many patterns on LoveKnitting was a surprise, mainly because I didn’t know I had sold any until I received a payment. LoveKnitting doesn’t email me for each sale. Rather, I had to make at least $30 to receive a payment. Of course, it was a pleasant surprise for me that I had sold so many patterns on LoveKnitting.


How many of each pattern did I sell?


I was not surprised that the Modified Seed Stitch Washcloth (36) sold the most–simply because throughout the year I kept seeing the sales pop up.  Second came the Wavy Checkerboard Wash Set (24), and next the Wavy Checkerboard Baby Blanket (23), both of which picked up steam throughout the year.

Some of my older designs, the 3 Zany Zigzag Wash Sets (20), and the 3 Diagonal Washcloths (20), came in next. They are now my tried and true patterns.

My newest washcloth, the Ceiling Tile Design Washcloths just sold 2, so either this design will pick up speed or will simply by a unique few.  Finally, I sold 1 copy of the Intarsia Heart Washcloth pattern; I took it offline early in the year because I wanted to revise it, though it never was a great seller.


The next chart was fun to create.  It illustrates how many patterns I sold each month.


July was the slowest at 4 patterns, and March wins at 21 patterns sold. I am simply glad that every month, I sold some patterns.

Here are the numbers of patterns represented in the chart:
Jan: 10
Feb: 8
Mar: 21
Apr: 12
May: 10
Jun: 10
Jul: 4
Aug: 14
Sep: 5
Oct: 7
Nov: 13
Dec: 12


I certainly could have run more numbers, such as how many patterns sold per month at each shop, or how much money I earned at each shop. The above figures, though, are the basics and what answered some of my main questions.

I’m not sure how I’ll use this information in the future–perhaps just to determine what I might expect in the future.

*much of the yarn I used for washcloths towels and scrubbies I bought in 2015 (not included in the cost here); at the same time I still have quite a bit of yarn that I bought this year (in which the cost is shown above). Also some of the yarn may go towards my own projects–for ex if i have partial skeins left, etc.

**I still have to pay income tax this year so this really isn’t really my net yet.




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