Interpreting Feedback

I love requesting feedback. What better way to see how your work is received than by asking straight out?

More often than not, though, if I’m not real specific with my questions or sometimes even when I am, I get feedback that, for me, is difficult to act upon.  I typically have to journal about it to make my decision–which is the reason for this post.

This week I created a poll (about the Wavy Checkerboard Cowl pattern I used as an example in my post about creativity) and posted it in a Ravelry forum.  I thought I’d see what qualities of the cowl other designers might suggest I emphasize.

Here’s what pic I showed them . . .


and here’s what I asked:


Before I show the results I wanted to ask you, dear readers,  . . . .



Here are the results (as of the writing of this post):


Originally, I was going to emphasize the stitch pattern(option 1).  That only had 10 votes though. Then, I saw options 2 and 3 had about 3 times the votes–and they are so close–just 5 votes difference.

I had some great “write-ins” as well. One person gave her reasoning for choosing option 3 on thickness, another suggested I emphasize the size as well as the thickness (the fact that it’s a small cowl/tight to the face), and a third said that pictures will be much more important than words in terms of selling the design. Lots of great ideas.


I also received 7 dislikes, and I was like “what?!” I rarely see so many dislikes.  I wonder if people disliked the pattern or the question I asked for the poll. Maybe they didn’t like that I put the question in a “designers” forum and not a marketing forum. No one “owned” his/her dislike, so I don’t know, and I’m trying to let it go.  I wanted to mention it here, though, since it’s part of my thought process.

My current decision is to go with the 32 votes and emphasize the thickness when marketing. In the pattern write-up itself, I’ll also discuss the idea that if you use 2 colors, you can flip flop the cowl depending on what color you want closer to your face. My next step is to get the pattern test knit. Another exciting adventure!

If you’ve got any feedback, I’d love to hear it.  Comment below (and let me know if you have trouble commenting ~


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