Cute Cowls

After finishing a ton of washcloths for my friend’s open house last week, I started knitting cowls. I needed a change and thought I’d see how my wavy checkerboard stitch pattern would look in cowl form (I currently use it for washcloths and baby blankets).

I pulled out a bunch of Caron Simply Soft yarn I had left over from a baby blanket I knit. Here’s the result:


While working on the first cowl, I remembered I had a variety of blues that I thought would look cute in this wavy checkerboard pattern, so I knit this one:




I want to make a ton more cowls with some variations.  I’m thinking of using double strands of the blues to make it thicker.  I’d like to make a long cowl that can be doubled up so people can wrap it around their necks twice.

Since I may release this as a pattern, I’d love some input: How do you wear your cowls? Do you like them loose and floppy? Do you like them tight around your neck? Do you like them super warm or light weight? Do you like the longer ones that wrap around your neck twice or do you prefer the smaller ones?  Let me know in the comments!

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4 thoughts on “Cute Cowls

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  1. I want to knit some cowls but haven’t got around to it yet. Which means I don’t own any at the moment! But I think I would wear them loose-ish, or ones that can wrap twice around. Yours are gorgeous, and the stich pattern is really pretty.

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  2. I’m not sure I knew you worked with both paper and yarn–not in the same project necessarily 🙂

    That’s 2 votes for loose-ish cowls. I look forward to knitting one of those up when my needles are free again!


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