Keeping Track of Charted Rows

Got a challenging pattern? And it’s charted? You need a hack!

I’m working on a 67 stitch, 88 row charted pattern printed on one page. It’s been a challenge to remember what row I’m on, so I created a few hacks.  I thought you may like them too.

Hack 1: Stick it!

Place stickie notes under the row you’re on so what is most visible is the row you’re working. When you finish the row, simply re-stick the notes on top of finished row. You’ll be able to easily see the next one.



Hack 2: Highlight it!

I highlight the row I’m about to knit.  It’s super easy to see.  If I want to use the pattern again, I use a darker highlighter or print the pattern out again.



How about you?  How do you keep track of rows? Do you have any hacks to share?

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3 thoughts on “Keeping Track of Charted Rows

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  1. I use Highlighting tape with my pattern in a sheet protector. Can be applied directly to the pattern – depending on ink the tape may pull some of the ink off of the paper

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