Why “Bunny Totem Knits”?

Today I discovered Bunny Totem Knits was unexpectedly featured in a podcast on Ravelry!

http://www.ravelry.com/discuss/smells-like-yarn/3495299/1-25  (Ross [scrappylad] talks about my shop from 8:45 to 10:15.)

When I was listening to Ross talk about my patterns, I realized I don’t have a post explaining my business name.

When on morning walks with my significant other, I would always see rabbits and say “Hello little bunnae!” I’d see the little guys during all the seasons at random times.  Upon observing my delight at seeing a bunny, my SO said, “rabbits must be your totem animal.”

A few years ago I was contemplating a name for my business–I wanted something connected with me that was beyond my name.  Upon my many many brainstormed names, I went with Bunny Totem Knits, and I love it.  I feel connected to it and it has this special meaning for me.

Artist, graphic designer, and awesome friend from college, Adam, drew the bunny on the logo for me.  If you look close enough, you’ll see he superimposed a wood grain image onto the drawing, which is way cool.

There you have it  . . . the story behind the name!

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Your turn: do you have a type of animal you feel a kinship with (a totem animal)? How important is naming things to you? Let me know your thoughts.  





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