Adventures in Advertising

My goal of selling a pattern a day may be one better suited for 2017 than 2016 since I’m nowhere close.  I thought I’d take out a Ravelry ad, though, to get things moving again.


I signed up for an online ad where I pay for impressions and clicks.  The max I told them I’d spend is $5.00 in a month.  I decided I’d try it for the month of August and here’s how it went:

I had 3,251 impressions and 29 clicks for a total cost of $2.44.

I am as sure as I can be without asking the person that 1 person clicked and purchased.  He spent $5.00 for 6 patterns (on a buy one get one deal which was featured in the ad) and I received $3.95 after Paypal’s fees!  Woot!

I’ve had 2 other sales on Ravelry this month, which brought in $3.00, which is $2.31 after Paypal’s fees. I’m unsure about whether these customers saw the ad or not; they didn’t use the buy one, get one free deal.

OK, so I brought in $6.26 minus the advertising of $2.44 is $3.82.  I’ll take it! I know it’s less than $4.00, but like I’ve said before, every sale on Ravelry feels like a victory to me, and it was fun to try.

I sold 8 patterns this month, which is about 2 a week. Now time to plan my next ad!


Are you surprised at all about the numbers—from what I make per pattern, to the number of clicks or the cost of the ad? Have you ever purchased space for an ad of any type?  What worked for you and your business?


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