Reflection on Mission Statement

How did my mission go? Let’s see.


  • My mission is to enjoy my days the best I can and to accept when I can’t. This statement has been one of the most comforting this summer. Multiple times I sat down, read my mission (which is taped to my desk) and was reminded that if I wasn’t enjoying my day, that was ok. 
  • I want to make the house as beautiful and clutter-free as it can be given my time, energy and financial resources. I had such big plans . . . and I’m still in the process of completing the first room I started with—the office.  I put the shelves in and you can see there’s still space on them!!!


Also, check out the top of my desk.  Wow, that is sooooo clean–for me. Plus I feng-shued it.  The pictures on the right are about “relationship”, the business cards towards the back of my desk are in my “success/fame” zone, etc.



Plus, I have a new system for dealing with papers for current projects, and I have an area for many of my supplies.  I put a chair that was taking up way too much space in the closet..


What’s left? Dealing with some piles of papers (which could take an eternity)—argh, and putting up some my significant other’s walking stick and sword.  I have a plan for how to display them—Command hooks.  I hope to put those up this week.

I want to spend time with friends, family and reconnect and develop the most satisfying relationships possible. This one is so hit or miss. I’ve spent some quality time with my parents and younger brother. We’ve seen each other for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, my brother’s birthday and then mine. Though we didn’t do anything I researched as potential plans for Father’s Day, I felt good about being proactive in giving the family possibilities. I also visited a work friend with her newborns a few weeks ago and spent a day with my mentor in her home town.


I also saw my Elgin friends in May and called my best-high-school friend (in the Chicago suburbs) the first week I was off.  Unfortunately, I’ve spent little time with either group.  I’ve reconnected with my best friend in B/N, but not as much as I’d like.



I want to develop a good relationship with myself. I can’t say I’ve been doing anything specific with this other than to take care of myself by doing yoga, meditating, and going to counseling. This is an ongoing goal. What would a good relationship with myself look like?  Fodder for future posts!



I want to find health. See discussion of Visions Statement.



I’d like to foster my own creativity. I have a mixed response about this one. I’ve done a bunch of knitting and designing and I’ve worked on this blog—whoot!  The thing I said I wanted to do most, though, string art, I’ve not done AT ALL.  Part of me wanted to clean my craft room before crafting, and that took so long, I only recently have spent time in there without doing a ton of picking up. I wonder if wanting things clean is a sort of excuse too though.


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Well, there you have it: a reflection on my mission.  How have you done this summer? Have you achieved what you wanted to? Comment below.



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