Vision/ Mission/ Values of Summer 2016 Update

I’m not gonna lie, people liked my Summer 2016 vision, mission, and values statements. I received more compliments on them (mostly in person) than any other post. I figured people would would like an update as well.


Is my vision materializing? How have I been sticking to my mission? Am I staying true to my values?


Let’s reflect on the pieces of my Vision Statement for this post:


  1. I see myself connected to and led by my higher power. I wish I could say I have felt my higher power’s presence and guidance directly in my life. I can say that I’ve gone with my gut, I’ve chosen to do what I feel like doing, and I’ve reflected on how things were going throughout the summer. I think I’ve allowed myself to be led towards what is important, so though I haven’t felt a direct presence, the guidance I’ve received, I believe, is from my HP.


  1. I envision myself as clear on what I want to do and experience each day. Hmm, I’d say that rather than “crystal,” I’m at a “frosty glass” sort of clear. Many days I have ideas about what I want to do. Though some days I feel a little adrift. Lately I’ve been questioning whether or not I’m using my time wisely so I’m not as clear as I’d prefer.

    I rarely take time to actually “envision” how I want to feel or what I want to experience.  I’ve been more task-oriented. I think it’d be worth it to do more visualization and/or ask myself how I want to feel that day. I have a few weeks left of my supper break to practice.


  1. My life is nicely paced and moves in rhythm with my family, friends, and my environment. I loooove the pace of summer and Summer 2016 is no exception. I’ve been feeding the dogs half their breakfast at about 5:30 am and we train with the other half between 7 am and noon.  Sometimes I get up and workout right away and sometimes I wait until 10 am. The choice has been mine, and I’ve found a rhythm that works for me.


  1. My mind, body, spirit are in harmony which results learning, growth, and physical health. Re-reading this, I’m not sure what I meant by my mind, body, and spirit being in harmony. I wonder if I meant that I’d have focus—all parts of me would be focused so I can learn, grow, and be healthy. Let’s say that was it and that I can determine whether this worked on the results I’ve had.

    I’ve been learning a lot this summer—about blogging, selling online, how to teach teenagers to drive. Growing? Yup I’ve been growing too. I’ve had some insights about what I want my future to look like—an aspect of life I’ve felt stuck on for a while now.  Now the physical health? Not so much.

    I wanted my body to let go of some weight it’s been carrying, and my habits haven’t supported that.  About 3 weeks ago, I realized doing it my way (not changing any habits deliberately) wasn’t working so I messaged Coach Peggi, who has met with me to start changing those habits for the better.

    Though my body hasn’t let go of any significant weight so far, I hope to continue to make small changes that result in larger permanent change, and ultimately, weight loss.


In short, I read my Vision Statement a few times a week and have experienced some of what I envisioned.


Stay tuned for how I’m fulfilling my Mission!


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