Never-ending Drafts

I shouldn’t be surprised that creating knitting patterns takes lots of drafting, reflecting, revising and re-drafting since I teach English; however, I had no idea this pattern would take 6 drafts for 1 final version. Check ’em out:

Draft 1 is a good start.  It just looks more like a cross than I hoped, so I kept knitting.

first draft yellow

Looking back on it, I like draft 2 a little less than draft 1, but it’s getting closer to my vision of having a rounded “four-leaf clover” look.

draft 2 red head on

In fact, I should show you the inspiration. I took these pictures of the ceiling of the Ensenberger in downtown Bloomington, Ilinois.



Pretty, huh?

Onto drafts 3 and 4 where I tried to keep the roundness but ended up with uneven widths of each clover leaf.

draft 3 blue angle.JPG

draft 4 green head on

Draft 5 is so close that I forgot what I was dissatisfied with. Maybe it was the wider cloverleaves on the right and left.

draft 5 yellow head on

I am finally satisfied with draft 6.* This orange cloth is the finished version of this washcloth pattern!  Woot!

final orange

*I’ve had it test knit on Ravely and will be selling the pattern soon.

Like with writing, I first made larger changes to the pattern and moved onto smaller changes.

The pattern is truly never-ending, though since I have some smaller cloverleaf versions and intarsia versions started.

Sneak peek:

small purple angle


yellow and orange intarsia angle


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