String Art

I took a wooden country heart & house wall hanging and made string art.  It turned out great!


string art 1

  1. I bought the above wall hanging at a second-hand store for 1 or 2 dollars at most.

2. Next, I painted it blue. I used 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of blue.

string art 2


3. I traced and cut out a paper heart, figured out where I wanted nails, and numbered the paper to make sure nails were even on each side.

string art 3


4. I used brown nails for the shape of the smaller heart.

string art 4



5. I used white nails to outline the larger heart.

string art 5


6. I tore off the paper “pattern” I had created.

string art 6


7. I worked the embroidery floss around the nails that made up the smaller heart.

string art 7



8. I then worked the blue, yellow, purple, and light green embroidery floss around the smaller heart nails to the larger heart nails to create this starburst effect. Finally I worked another layer of red towards the top of the brown nails to make sure the red heart stuck out.

string art 8

9. I tied red ribbon around the existing hardware screwed to the top of the heart.

The String Art Heart is complete and ready to hang!

Click here to see it on ETSY:



This wooden heart is 11 1/2 inches wide and 9 inches from top of heart to bottom tip. The process took me 2 weeks in between other projects, but probably would take 5 hours or so start to finish if paint dried instantly.



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