The Elusive White Rose-of-Sharon Flower

The house I moved into 10 years ago has relatively nice landscaping and even some flowers I didn’t plant come up each year, which is awesome.

After I was in the house for a few years, I got around to planting  some Rose-of-Sharon cuttings my mom gave me.  I asked for bushes with a variety of flower colors–both the pinkish/purplish and white.  Little did I know how elusive the white Rose-of-Sharon flower would be.

The year after I planted the saplings, in 2010, my dear husband mowed over them.  When I discovered the damage, I cried.  However, I didn’t blame him because the bushes did look like weeds–there were no flowers yet.

Surprisingly, the bushes continued to grow, and a few years later, about 2012, I had many many purple flowers on my Rose-of-Sharon bushes.  They were gorgeous!


pink rose of sharon

Once I had a ton of pink flowers, I started to crave the white.

The next year, summer 2013, my mom gave me some saplings that were growing near her white flowered bushes, thinking that they’d be white.  Unfortunately, when they bloomed, they turned out to be pinks.  pink rose of sharon sideish

That fall, during my daily walks I harvested (stole?) some seeds from some white flowered Rose-of-Sharon bushes near my house. (Don’t worry. I left plenty there too). I diligently planted the seeds in hopes that they’d bloom the next year.  Well, the next year came, the summer of 2014, and the seeds had grown just to the point just before they started growing buds–ugh.

My goal was to have free white Rose-of-Sharon flowers, but the following year, I could not hold back. I shopped all over town and found only Rose-of-Sharon bushes with “double” white flowers.  The bright pink center wasn’t there.

I searched online and found the exact flower I wanted!  I purchased a plant for $7.00 and spent another $7.00 for shipping. The plant came, I planted it that day and I had white flowers for that year–they weren’t white flowers I had grown, but I did sustain those that had already bloomed.

Fast forward through a fall, winter, and spring, and here I am this summer waiting for something to bloom.  Would my purchased plant bloom again?  It was pretty small and maybe the grower forced the bloom. My seedlings are still right about the size before they get buds and I’m still hoping for some late in the season. My first purple flower popped up on June 30th.

But surprise surprise. A few days later, I saw some buds that looked like they had white flowers.  I was still skeptical as the buds for the pink flowers had tricked me before.

July 1st, 2016, I finally got my first home-grown white Rose-of-Sharon

flower.  Since it’s not near my seedling plants or my purchased plant, it must have been one of the plants my mom gave me (that had grown near her white Rose bushes) that just this year grew tall enough to bloom.  Check it out!

white rose of sharon

Do you know of any other elusive flowers? Have you ever had trouble growing a certain flower? vegetable? Have you ever had a family member mow over, weed spray, or pull some of your much loved plants? Tell me the story!


2 thoughts on “The Elusive White Rose-of-Sharon Flower

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  1. Yes! Mine are the elusive bright orange double impatiens that look like roses. They are supposed to grow in shade. I grew them from seeds and the plant is hardy but blooms are elusive.
    Also each year in February (Sping in Houston) there is a beautiful pink Reagan begonia that gets snapped up the minute it hits the garden centers.

    Next year, I plan to go all simple-topiaries and balcony, draping plants. I’m growing weary of chasing the blooms.

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