Summer Goals

There are soooooooooooooooooo many things I want to do this summer—definitely more than 12 weeks can handle.  (I think my summer is 12 weeks, but I’m not sure because I don’t want to count because I don’t want to know when it’s ending.)


Now that I’m set my intentions in the form of Vision, Mission and Values statements, I’m ready to get more concrete.


I have 5 categories the tasks I want to complete or experiences I want to have fit into. I’ll share the categories with some examples.


  • Creating Beautiful Spaces ~ This includes everything from washing windows, to refinishing floors, to de-cluttering, to planting flowers to paining. My big job this year is to work on my front room; my first steps are to take down wallpaper, pull up carpeting and determine what the wood floors need to look beautiful. I know there are wood floors under the carpet, but haven’t seen them in their entirety, so I may be sanding or polishing or I may be buying new carpet.

  • Being Healthy ~ I love being active in terms of walking, hiking, biking, and sometimes lifting weights. I also love eating cookies and ice cream . . . lots of cookies and big bowls of ice cream. I’m also a stress eater, I don’t love cooking—which leads me to choose foods based on convenience more than I’d like. Finally, in terms of mental and spiritual health, I’m always striving to be a better me and deal with my depression. In short, I have lots of goals under my “being healthy” category.

  • Number 3 is . . . Creating!!! I knit like a fiend and want to create a bunch of patterns to sell.  I also started getting into string art at the end of last summer, so I want to pick that up.  Working on this blog is also under my “creating” category.

  • Fostering Relationships ~ I can be a bit of a hermit especially when I don’t get enough time to myself or I’m stressed out about work or if I’m just in the habit of being by myself. I have people I care greatly about, though, and spending time with friends and family is always worth the effort.

  • And the final category is . . . Learning. I wasn’t sure where to put “reading” and possibly attending a work conference. “Reading” used to be in a category I called “relaxing” because if I’m not careful, I fall asleep every time I read. So reading is one way I relax, but I want to learn about blogging and finances and stuff so I wanted to put it into a more “active” category than “relaxing.”


There you have it! My goals. I’ll keep you updated on what actual tasks I achieve and which ones I put aside.


Your turn! Do you create lists of goals? Do you categorize tasks? If so, what are your categories? Do you ever list so many things you get overwhelmed? What works best for you?


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