Summer 2016: Connect ~ Grow ~ Be

me almost summitting

In a few weeks, I will be off work for the summer. For me, going from structured days to being able to do anything anytime is a bit disconcerting.


I enjoy my time most when I have a sense of direction. Hence I’ve brainstormed vision, mission, and values statements so I can enjoy my summer to the fullest.


Vision Statement: To me, a vision statement is a picture of what I’d like things to be like; it’s an ideal.  Here’s mine:


I see myself connected to and led by my higher power. I envision myself as clear on what I want to do and experience each day. My life is nicely paced and moves in rhythm with my family, friends, and my environment. My mind, body, spirit are in harmony which results learning, growth, and physical health.


Mission Statement: A mission statement, to me, is a broad description of my goals or what I’d like the results of my labor to be. It’s a tad more specific and grounded than my lofty vision statement.


My mission is to enjoy my days the best I can and to accept when I can’t. I want to make the house as beautiful and clutter free as it can be given my time, energy and financial resources. I want to spend time with friends, family and reconnect and develop the most satisfying relationships possible. I want to develop a good relationship with myself. I want to find health. I’d like to foster my own creativity


Values: A few years ago, I worked with a life coach to develop my core values.  I’d like to take some time to determine if I want to keep them as they are or if I want to develop some others that fit best with my summer.  Ultimately, a values statement, to me, is what shows how you’re going to do something. Following one’s own ethics while achieving goals is “très important” in my book—possibly because I see so many companies going about things in ways I find unethical.


I value peace, love, service, integrity and creativity.



There you go! My Vision, Mission and Values.



Have you ever thought of creating vision, mission and/or values statements? Do you have a sense of your vision, mission and values without writing them down? Are you someone who likes to think about broad concepts like these or do you prefer to get into the nitty gritty “here are my goals”-type thinking?


8 thoughts on “Summer 2016: Connect ~ Grow ~ Be

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  1. I suppose I have my goals split into 2 in my head:
    Short Term and Long Term

    Eat right, fast and exercise to produce myokines and HGH, prevent tumors.
    Get lots of sleep
    Stay out of the Sun sans sunscreen
    Pay attention to fashion and music
    Continue decluttering

    These feed into Long Term
    Anti-aging, not being “skinny fat”, healthy
    Weight loss and Maintenence
    Avoid wrinkles and skin cancer
    Stay young and in-touch, don’t dwell on Def Leopard and live in the past.
    Decluttered house = less stress
    Keep a lid on temper flares, stay connected with community.

    Nice exercise 🙂

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  2. I love the “don’t dwell on Def Leopard and live in the past” part. I haven’t heard Def Leopard in a while 🙂

    I like how you split goals into short and long term.

    I don’t know what “myokines and HGH” are, but I see you have a post on them. I’ll check it out!

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  3. Your clarity is very inspiring. My brain usually feels like a jumbled mess, with a million different ideas bouncing around at every given moment.

    For now my mission is to hustle and pay off debt, while trying to enjoy the little things like snuggles with my kids, a private joke/memory with my husband, and the indulgence of a perfect cup of HOT coffee.

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  4. My brain often feels like a jumbled mess, too, which is why I really need to print and post my vision and mission statements near my computer. Then, I’ll have that clarity when I need it.

    Good luck with your paying-off-debt hustle! Very inspiring!


    1. Thank you so much! Someone tried to nominate me a while ago and I just wasn’t ready for it. I feel a little more established, and I have time to do the little bit of work that goes along with the award. Thank you!

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