Pattern Sales per Month & Year 2015

The table below shows how many patterns I sold on each website I use in 2015. I started adding patterns on Craftsy in September, which is why the column that represents the first half of the year is blank..


Sales per month & year 2015

Etsy Ravelry Craftsy
January 1 1
Feb 1 1
March 0 1
April 2 0
May 2 1
June 5 15
July 4 4
August 4 4
September 0 7 5
October 5 3 5
November 1 1 0
December 4 8 4
Total 2015 29 46 14
89 patterns total sold in 2015!



I’m pretty excited to have sold 89 patterns. It looks like June was my best month at 20 patterns.  I think that’s when I added my most popular pattern the Modified Seed Stitch Wash Set.


I hope to sell more in 2016, and so far I have been—at least by a little bit. One of my longer term goals is to sell 365 patterns a year or the equivalent to a pattern a day.


I wanted to share the numbers so that if there are other really small scale sellers, they might be able to relate. Plus, making tables is fun.

sales per store


line graph sales per store per month 2015

Do you keep track of anything in tables? Do you like to see charts & graphs of things or does a written account make more sense to you? Are you surprised at how many sales I have (either more or less than you thought)? Are you surprised by which web site has the most sales? Leave me a note!


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